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I welcome inquiries from prospective master and doctoral students throughout the year. If you are interested in working with The Sharma Forestry Lab, please email me ( and include your CV and statements on the following three:   


1: What current scientific endeavors excite you?

  • Find two journal articles addressing research topics that excite you and spark your curiosity. In 500 words demonstrating your best writing skills, explain your interests in the works you chose.

2: Why The Sharma Forestry Lab?

  • In 500 words demonstrating your best writing skills, explain why you seek to join this lab. In what way(s) will training in this lab help you apply your current talents and interests while achieving your professional goals?  

Essay 3: Academic training, motivation and resilience.

  • In 500 words demonstrating your best writing skills, summarize how your academic history thus far has prepared you for graduate training. Discuss your choice of previous degree program, successes, challenges (and how you coped with them) and overall performance. If you had gaps, withdrawals, failed courses or low academic workload, provide an explanation. This should be an honest self- appraisal, not a personal advertisement. [This essay also serves as the Personal Statement for the UF application.]


Also check out the UF School of Forest, Fisheries, and Geomatics Science’s web Page for information on the graduate programs and application procedures and deadlines. I encourage prospective students to start a conversation with me as soon as possible.

Thanks for considering my lab. 


Ajay Sharma

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